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I’m currently looking for an interesting side job/client/funded enterprise, preferably in the IoT/embedded/VR space. I have 14 years of professional software engineering experience. My main strength is building MVPs or solving unclear technical problems where initial solutions have to be found quickly – independent of technology – and in finding new ways to drive change in legacy processes. I also have a Master’s Degree in communications and entrepreneureal experience from co-founding two startups (aka-aki and Spacedeck) and an agency (MNT). I have a passion for open source, hardware, language design, minimalism and simplicity. Feel free to contact me with a proposal.

Coming Up

  • Source Code Reading (Quelltextlesung) live at Re:publica 2015. TBA.

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picture of mntmn at arken, denmark

picture of mntmn at arken, denmark


  • Operating Legal Hull: MNT Media and Technology UG
  • Managing Director: Lukas F. Hartmann
  • Contact: | XMPP:
  • Twitter: @mntmn | Tumblr: therealmntmn
  • Snail mail: Torstr. 161 / 10115 Berlin
  • Fax: +49 30 23456 952
  • Please do not call, except if you like beeping noises.


Commercial Enterprises


Cultural Output

  • Music: Fleischdolls. Live Dates:
    • 18.12.2010 Berlin, Trickster (With Grizou)
    • 11.03.2011 Berlin, Kaffee Burger
    • 05.05.2011 Berlin, Kingkongklub (With Brigade Rosse)
    • 17.06.2011 Berlin, White Trash Fast Food (With Dadajugend Polyform)
    • 11.11.2011 Berlin, 75 Jahre Kaffee burger
    • 06.03.2012 Berlin, Subversiv (Zurück zum Beton)
    • 06.10.2012 Berlin, Haus Ungarn (Battle of the Startup Bands)
    • 15.11.2012 Berlin, Trickster
    • 25.05.2013 Berlin, White Trash Fast Food (With Unkindness of Ravens, Nikaya)
    • 19.07.2013 Hamburg, Grünspan
    • 28.09.2013 Berlin, Betahaus (Battle of the Startup Bands 2)
  • The Record: FDA-001