MNT Reform DIY Laptop

— A free and open source modular computing platform

Project Status

2018-03-28: Reform Beta 3 Preorder

We are offering a limited number of hand-built Reform Beta 3 units for early supporters and enthusiasts. If you want to help us push the project forward by testing and hacking on the device as early as possible, this is your ticket. VOIPAC kindly supported us by offering 5x 1.2GHz i.MX6 and 10x 1.0GHz i.MX6 modules for a reduced price so that the development systems' cost can be reasonable.

→ Preorder 1.2GHz Version (Limited to 5)

→ Preorder 1.0GHz Version (Limited to 10)

2018-03-28: Reform Beta 2 and first user test completed.

The user test demonstrated that we have a complete, workable computer system which now needs detail optimizations to make it more comfortable.

TODOs for Reform Beta 3

2017-10-19: Reform Beta 1 completed, original article posted.



How to Support Reform

Reform Handbook

The Handbook will be an interactive manual explaining all circuits and parts of the Reform from the electrical and mechanical up to the software level. We are currently seeking funding for the development of this book.

Source Code